Information for parents of young people at Goldthorpe Scouts

Parents are really important to us at Goldthorpe Scouts and we love to hear from you about what we are doing well and even more importnaly what we can do better. Its important we have good communication between the leaders and parents to make sure you know exactly what is going on and feel as included in scouting as your young person.

To make sure we are keeping you up to date you will receive frequent sms messages and emails from the section leaders but alsways feel free to grab one of us at the end of a session if you have any questions or concerns at all.

Keeping you informed

At Goldthorpe Scouts we use a system called My.SCOUT to keep you informed of all the data we hold about you and you young person and give you the ability to update it as needed to make sure we have all the right information.

On this system you can also see things like which badges your scout has been awarded and even how close they are to acheiving their next badge. You will also be able to see details of upcoming meetings and what is involved with them.

You will receive an email from your section leader with details of how to sign up and log into the system.

You can access My.SCOUT here


Scouting is one of the best value for money activities your child can do with their spare time. They will make friends and learn skills they will call on for the rest of their life.

Subs are the lifeblood of our scouting programme and they enable us to deliver a fun and diverse programme. There are a lot of costs involved in running a Scout troop from insurance to our membership of the Scout movement.

Subs is a yearly cost of £144 that is split into 12 monthly payments. This means that subs are paid throughout the year and not just at each meeting. After your first few meetings and once you are sure that your Scout wants to continue subs are paid by the My.Scout system. This system is much easier for yourself and the leaders involved as no cash has to change hands and no banking arrangements need to be made. We even get 25% extra on top as the MyScout system allows us to claim gift aid if you are a taxpayer.

Where does your money go?

Buildings Payments This money goes to pay for the Scout Hut itself. For the upkeep and other bills such as services, insurance and other costs.
Section Payment This money goes to the Scout section and is used to pay for the materials needed to run the programme, and pay for the badges.
Capitation This money goes to pay for each Scout's membership of the Scouting movement. It also more importantly pays for the insurance we get from UK Scouting, and helps fund the training that each Leader receives, all helping the Scouts provide a better program.
Group Funds This money is put into group funds which is used for a range of reasons such as purchasing shared equipment or funding larger events and activities. It also covers the cost of the groups insurance for our equipment, covering the tents, and other camping equipment.

Medication and Medical Conditions

In order to keep your child safe, if your child has a medical condition it is important that you tell us about it, what symptoms we may see and what actions to take, if your child is on a regular medication such as an inhaler for asthma please make sure they have it for every session. This should be handed to a leader in a clear plastic bag with your child’s name and emergency contact number clearly marked.

There is a medical form that we will ask you to complete.

Medication for days out and camps

If your child is on a daily prescribed medication you should hand it to a leader on arrival. It should be in a clear plastic bag with you child’s name and emergency contact number clearly marked. All medication must be in its original packaging with a pharmacy label which is undamaged and clear to read. Also any instructions you need us to follow should be clearly wrote down dated and signed and placed in the bag with the medication.

No child will be allowed to manage or keep their own medication.

As leaders we reserve the right to refuse a child entry to camp / days out if we are not satisfied that all our criteria is has been met.


All parents are welcome to sign up as occasional helpers and get involved, (subject to DBS check). If you have a particular skill or hobby that you would be prepared to share with the Group then please do let us know and we’ll consider how you could help as an activity instructor. Of course, if there are parents who would like to get involved on a more regular basis, then we’d love to have that help and support. It’s not all working directly with the scouts, there are plenty of back room type jobs that always need doing like gardening, keeping the accounts, fundraising and managing our communications.